ETHICAL PRODUCTION & HIGH QUALITY MATTER TO US. Our products are individually hand-processed, printed & made with love. 100% soft cotton.


Why are we different? We truly love pets. Infact, the concept of this brand was born while catsitting! :)

We are also proud to say that ETHICAL PRODUCTION & QUALITY matter to us.

Our products are:

  • individually designed
  • individually hand-processed
  • printed with high quality ink from the best brands
  • made with love in California

Our t-shirts are 100% soft cotton, pre-shrunk and printed by using only high quality durable ink.

We would never sell you a toxic t-shirt whose composition or ink are harmful for you, or a low quality product you would have to bin after a few washing. We want to give you the best durable products to make you happy and keep you healthy!

We also refuse to support dodgy businesses without ethical values. That's why we chose Printful, a leader company with strong core values.