ETHICAL PRODUCTION & HIGH QUALITY MATTER TO US. Our products are individually hand-processed, printed & made with love. 100% soft cotton.

About us


Hi! Welcome to NOT A MORNING CAT, your one-stop cat owner shop.

My name is Felicia and I am the mind behind NOT A MORNING CAT. The cat is Mitcha, I am her catsitter and she is the inspiration behind NOT A MORNING CAT. We are both from Italy but now live in London, UK.

Born on a little island near Sicily and moved across countries to study Media Studies and new languages, I have always loved playing with colours, discovering new textures and experimenting with different media.

I am now a maker and I create eco-friendly minimal accessories and clothes. I am also a huge fan of cats and a loving catsitter. NOT A MORNING CAT is a project born while catsitting, to make a good use of my time away from the sewing machine.

NOT A MORNING CAT is the best place on the web to buy high-quality, attractive apparel for the modern day cat owner. We have nailed down original designs to bring all cat lovers apparel that they would be proud to wear.

Why are we different? We truly love pets. (Well, I do. Not sure about Mitcha!). Infact, the concept of this brand was born while catsitting! :)

We are also proud to say that QUALITY and ETHICS matter to us.

Our products are:

  • designed by us
  • individually hand-processed
  • printed with high quality ink from the best brands
  • made with love in California by Printful labs

Our t-shirts are 100% soft cotton, pre-shrunk and printed by using only high quality durable ink.

For cat lovers, by cat lovers – we are here to make you look fabulous!