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How this project was born

This is Mitcha and she loves me (I hope). 🐾😸😻 @notamorningcat

I am a multipod and a catsitter, and she is the very first cat I look after 2 years ago (after having had many cats back home since day 1). When I was born my parents had a ginger cat, Giovannino, and this probably explains why I have a thing for ginger cats!

I love Mitcha, she might look scary but she IS awesome. I've been looking after her I think 5 or 6 times over the past 2 years. Every time she needs a few days to get social, she doesn't like when I sing to her in the morning and she is the one behind the NOT A MORNING CAT idea.

She can be difficult, but I am too. She enjoys her time alone and so do I. She's not a morning cat, and I totally get her. ♡

If you want to know a bit more about the lady behind this brand, feel free to stalk me on my account @ciciaz. I'll see you there!